Online Market Research Tools And Techniques

Online Market Research

Some of of the easiest tools to do online market research are internet searches, online questionnaires and customer feedback forms which all help to gear you up for consolidating your existing business and to get ready for the future which is mostly in a flux. Let us go through the tools one by one and see how they can help us at a low cost.

1.Keyword Research

This is done by searching for “keywords” that potential customers would use to find your type of products or services on the web. This will reveal how much interest there is in these keywords and how many competitors you have. The most important thing that the keyword search will reveal is to remind you of product niches you might not have thought of.

2. Reading Blogs

Blogs are updated much more frequently than websites and they can be another gauge of public opinion.

3.Conducting Online Surveys

Another low cost way of gauging public opinion is through online surveys which may not be as effective as in-person or phone surveys that use a random sampling of the population.

4.Research Techniques

There is a gamut of market research tools, both offline and online. This includes one on one interviewing, questionnaires with choices and asking open ended questions. Focus groups is yet another technique that gives valuable information. Major categories include audience research, product research, brand analysis, psychological profiling etc.

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