Marketing Reach & Media Planning-The Backbone Of Advertising

Marketing Reach

Marketing reach is the quantifiable aspect of a specific campaign that the company has done in order to attract customers.

Simply put, marketing reach is the estimated number of potential customers one could reach by way of a specific advertising medium.

Any company that wishes to advertise through a medium, say TV, would like to know the marketing reach of the channel which will reveal the estimated number of people who will watch the advertisement. The company can then decide whether the cost of the commercial is worth the estimated earnings generated by the commercial.

Target Market, The Main Decision Maker

Much before we plan the advertising campaign or commercial, we should know our target market and how our product is relevant to it as compared to the products of our competitors. We should be aware of the reasons as to why should our target audience choose our product over that of our competitors. We should know who the decision maker would be (Mother, father or child etc.) and the influencers too. Only then, an advertising campaign should be planned that would go straight to the mind space of our target audiences.

Media Planning

Let us talk a bit about media planning which is the process of choosing the right media vehicle for our advertising.

Choosing which media or type of advertising to use depends on the budget the company has at its disposal. It is thus very important to put together a media plan for your campaign. Depending on your budget, you will decide whether to advertise it through the print media or through the electronic media. You have to also decide whether you want to focus on mass media or the regional print or electronic media. You have to to be aware of the days and timings when your commercial will appear so as to have a maximum impact on your target audience. Marketing reach and Frequency are the deciding factors for your commercial to reach your audience.

Advertising media includes TV, Radio, Newspapers or magazines, Outdoor hoardings, Public Transportation, Yellow pages, Direct mails, Speciality advertising, and catalogs, handouts etc. It depends on your resources what media vehicle you would want to use.

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