The Shift Towards Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising In Today’s Context

Advertising is a paid type of promotion that aims to enter the mind space of people and persuade them to act or respond in a way the advertiser wants.

With more of marketing shifting towards digital, the role of digital marketing has become very important.

There are different types of digital ads, including:

i) Display advertising: It can use text or images including moving images and be interactive.

ii) Video advertising: It generally refers to ads that are placed on video channels to run before, during, or after the main video.

iii) Social advertising: These are paid advertising options on social networks like Facebook, Twitter. Whats app etc.

iv) Search advertising: This refers to the paid text-based ads that are shown beside “organic” or “natural”search results on Google.

Display ads include Text-only ads, Traditional banner ads, Pop-up ads which open in an image or a new window that appear in front of the content,
Pop-under ads which open in a new window below the active window, Expanding ads that increase in size after a period of time, Rich-media ads including videos, animations, and interactive ads, Interstitial ads which load first and then progress to the requested content,In-game ads in computer, video, or online games and a display advertising campaign.
There are many options for display advertising. Some offer free options. Larger brands often negotiate advertising on their own sites.

Re-Marketing To Your Web Visitors

Digital advertising also gives companies the opportunity to re-market or re-target potential customers by re-engaging people who’ve visited their website earlier.
When someone visits a website, the site can leave a cookie on their computer—a small data packet that can collect information about internet habits like pages visited or topics of interest.That same company purchases ad space on a re-marketing platform, which provides dynamic advertising space on a network of websites.
When the shopper visits a site within the advertising network, the dynamic ad space recognizes the information in the cookie and delivers a customized ad that features a product they looked at earlier.It gives you the ability to precisely target “warm leads”—people who were just looking at your site and maybe got distracted or wanted to “think about it.

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