Brand Promotion To Persuade and Influence The Target Audience

Brand Promotion

Brand means a symbol or sign or design or a combination of all these that consumers connect with mentally to identify the brand in relation to competitive brands.It can be the brand’s unique logo or mascot.Companies are always on the move trying to promote their offerings. Diverting its focus to the brand as a whole, the company tries to drive awareness of what the brand is all about and what it addresses, with the presumption that a more known brand is more successful than a brand less heard of.Brand promotion is thus an element of marketing mix which is designed to inform, remind, persuade and influence the customers so that they purchase the brand advertised.

Objectives Of Brand Promotion

The main objectives of brand promotion are to supply relevant information about the brand to the public( features, price, uses etc.) to differentiate the brand superiority as compared to competitive brands,to stimulate demand for the brand, to build brand equity which is the market value and power the brand adds to the product, to stabilize sales during demand fluctuations, to remain in the race by offsetting the marketing efforts of the competitors, and to build its image in the market. A well done brand promotion benefits the brand by way of consumer brand loyalty and brand advocacy (word-of-mouth publicity by satisfied customers).

The Importance Of Social Media

In this age of social media, it is very important to build the brand as the consumers today are hooked on to Facebook, Twitter, whats app etc. most of the time. So to keep them aware of the brand and to avoid negative publicity, the product should have a strong brand identity and the company should be there on the social media to answer the queries of the consumers and address their grievances immediately.

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